Tuesday, February 4, 2014

Evinrude E-Tec

Evinrude E-Tec Fuel Injector Service / Or Not

Three years ago we started on a journey to Service Evinrude E-Tec Fuel Injectors.
At the time we had two machines designed to service automotive fuel injectors.
These are great machines that do a wonderful job. They are work horses and are of good quality. One is made in England and the other from Germany. They are popular machines that everyone uses in the Fuel Injector Service Industry.

These machines Mimic your engine and fires the injectors so you can observe the spray pattern and measure the flow. Measuring the flow is important so you know the injector is performing at its peak performance and not running lean or leaking. They work great on all automotive and outboard injectors that are 12 volt DC.

We took both of these machines and made jigs to fit the E-Tec injectors to try to Flow the Injectors. The E-Tec Fuel Injector is a 55 volt DC Injector with a twist. The voltage is Flipped in Reverse and works both ways. It looks like a AC waveform, 55 Volts positive, 55 Volts negative. The machines barely made the injectors fire. They did not work and will not work.

We knew then we had to build and machine to Mimic the Evinrude Engine and we did. Now the injector fires properly and performs as it does on the Engine.
We did not stop there, we bought a Evinrude engine for testing to insure we where doing this correctly. We hooked a oscilloscope up to the engine and captured the waveform so we could duplicate the same conditions.

Since we have started this service several shops now offer E-Tec Fuel Injector Service using these automotive machines. They can not Flow the injector properly. It will not work. The manufactures of these machines claim they do work and are pushing there machines to Service shops.

This service is being pushed with no training or knowledge about the injector.
I have been told by them they work "good enough". They Don't ! We tried........
If they work correctly show me your flow video and your flow data........

As a boat owner with a E-Tec engine, I would not want my injectors serviced this way. They can not be Flowed or tested to insure there is not a problem or running lean.

We are not scared of Competition. There is enough E-Tec injectors to be serviced by lots of shops. We got into this business because of overpriced injector service and flat out lies about the services.

Fuel injector service works and is a necessity to keep our engines working correctly.

If your going to do something, do it right ! Don not take shortcuts to save a few bucks. Don't mislead your customers and steal there money or take a chance on destroying a $15,000  to $20,000 engine.

Why would companies that make great automotive fuel injector service machines
push something that does not work ?

Greed !

Build a machine that works correctly for E-Tec or stay on the porch .........

Fuel Injector Man........