Wednesday, December 28, 2011

Fuel Additives / Do They Work ?

Fuel Additives have become very popular and claim to improve your gas mileage, clean your injectors, give
you more horsepower etc., etc., etc. or should I say Blah, Blah, Blah !

I have used some of these products myself with little or no results. Like pouring money down a drain.

About 18 months ago we started noticing a problem with some of the fuel injectors we where servicing.
The filters in the injectors where Brittle, Crumbly or even completely  gone.
The injectors are leaking because without the filters trash gets inside and they become stuck open.

We started calling our customers and asking questions. Come to find out, all the customers where using some
type of Fuel Additive. The fuel additives are eating up the filters inside the injectors.

This information had already been given to us by our Fuel Injector parts supplier. In fact they had told us
to tell  all our customers to stop using Additives because of this problem.
They have been in this business for 25 years, must know something about it !

Our findings are not scientific, approved by any government office or meant to beat up any oil or chemical company.
We are just giving out information about what we have found out and what we think does not work.

When the bottle of Chemical cleaner can change the filter in the Fuel Injector we might have a
different opinion about Additives.............
Till then.....
Save your Money !
Dont use them.....................

Fuel Injector Man.......

Wednesday, December 21, 2011

Fuel Injector Cleaning / On-Car or Off-Car ?

Fuel injector cleaning is a must with today's fuel cost.
We must all do what we can do to save our planet.
Cleaning your fuel injectors helps by getting better fuel economy and producing less emissions.

So which way of cleaning your injectors is the best ?
On-car or Off-car ?

The On-car cleaning procedure is as follows........
Your injectors are left in your car. They remove your gas hose from your tank and hook a machine up to your car.
The machine will then pump cleaning fluids through your cars fuel system.
The average cost of this is service is about $250.00

The Off-car cleaning procedure is as follows.....
Your injectors are removed from your car and sent to a fuel injector service company.
The injectors are put into a fuel injector test bench where they are tested for...
Spray pattern tested, flow tested, leak tested, electrically tested.
The  technician can visually see the test procedures and records this information.
The injectors are then removed from the test bench and the filters are removed from the injectors....
Yes Fuel injectors have filters !
The injectors are then placed in a ultrasonic machine where they are cleaned inside and out to 100%.
After cleaning the injectors they get new filters installed and placed back in to the test bench.
They are then tested again to insure they are at 100%.
The injectors then get all new rubber o-rings and replaceable parts, shrink wrapped and sent back..
Fuel Injector Man charges $16.00 per injector for this service.
If you have a 6 cylinder car, thats $96.00 plus shipping back.

Not a hard decision to make on which service is best.
With the On-car service your filters in your injectors do not get replaced.
With the  On-car service you do not know if your injectors are leaking, spraying right of flowing correctly.

Fuel injectors are easy to remove and Fuel Injector Man does a 24 Hour Turnaround.....

We all can make a difference !
We are by giving a great service for a fair price.